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About the Editor

Andy in a suitAndy Stearman is a networking professional with nearly 10 years of experience.  From humorous to insightful, his experiences are what define him.  He prides himself on providing professional support to all customers, whether internal or external.

Education: Andy holds an Associates of Arts in Digital Media Design from Central Ohio Technincal College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Science Business Administration from the Ohio State University.

Current Position: Andy currently works for a large manufacturing company with over 1000 employees worldwide and 100 at his location.  He supports a variety of hardware and software, such as HP thin-clients, Dell servers/workstations/desktops/laptops, etc.

Other Interests: Cars, namely the Mustang.  He currently drives a 1997 Mustang Cobra Convertible.  Andy also enjoys the occasional video game as well, but tries to stay active by playing golf, basketball, and tennis; recreational  of course.  Home improvements are also a vice of his.  He is probably a platinum Home Depot shopper by now...

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