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Apple Disappoints with the iPhone 3G S

iPhone 3GS

Apple's new iPhone 3G S

I am an original iPhone owner.   The first generation iPhone was revolutionary in my mind, only lacking 3G support.  Lo-and-behold, a year later, Apple announced the 3G.  I had to have it.  It was the embodiment of everything I wanted in a phone, and then some.  I stood in line for hours just to purchase it.

Those that know me know that I love my iPhone 3G.  It does everything I need it to do.  My only complaint is that the case is easy to scratch.  Most Apple products are pretty to look at but easy to scratch.  I digress...

I spent most of yesterday afternoon watching and F5'n the live coverage of the WWDC by Engadget.  I don't own a Mac, although the new OS looks good, I wanted to hear about what Apple had in store for the next generation iPhone.

Fast forward to WWDC 2009.  Apple aficionados across the globe are wondering what could possibly be in store for the next iPhone.  OLED?  Scratch-resistant case?  More storage for less money??

I am very unimpressed with Apple's unveiling of the iPhone 3G S.  On paper, things look good: 16GB and 32GB for $199 and $299 respectively; faster processor; faster networking; better battery life; 3 megapixel camera with video; etc.  Wait a second, this phone looks exactly like the iPhone 3G.  Nothing has changed on the outside.  Strike one.

No OLED or scratch resistant case??  Strike two.

First generation iPhone users are able to get the subsidized price of $199 and $299, but 3G owners are stuck paying $399 or $499 for the 3G S????  Strike three.

Looks like I will be purchasing another year of AppleCare for the iPhone 3G and wait until next year's WWDC.

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