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Spiceworks releases new version of popular IT Project Management Software

I began using Spiceworks about 2 months ago.  They released version 4.0 on Friday, June 19th.  It has helped me tremendously.  Spiceworks is a help desk and IT asset tracking system.  (It has a lot more features than that, but you get the idea.)

Spiceworks allows me to enter in help desk calls quickly and efficiently and helps organize priorities.  There is a Customer Portal page that allows users to enter their own requests.  Once a request is entered, they can track the progress of the ticket from assignment to completion.  You can set it up so that they even get an email when you make comments on the ticket.

Spiceworks also has an asset tracking system built in.  It runs it own network scans and gets information off your network and populates common fields.  In my installation, it even populated the Dell Service Tag numbers.  Spiceworks gets any asset that is attached to the network including switches and even IP telephony equipment.  It organizes assets according to their grouping in Active Directory or type.  You can also set up custom groups and assets.  Best of all, there is no "client" to be installed on users computers.  Spiceworks does it's own discovery.  It can even alert you when space is limited on the hard drives.

Spiceworks also features a reporting portion that allows you to run reports on your help desk and inventory systems.  This is great for people managing more than one technician.  Can't find a report you need?  Visit the Spiceworks community for custom reports (and even plug-ins) to suit your needs.

Need support?  The Spiceworks community has you covered.  I have posted several questions in the community and they all had Spiceworks employee responces.

"There has to be a catch," you say.  "I bet it costs $2,000 to begin with and $500 every year after."

Not so much.  Spiceworks is actually 100% free.  They actually make their money by placing small, unobtrusive ads in the Help Desk dashboard (only viewable by Administrators, not users of the Customer Portal.)  Even if you don't want the ads, it is only $220 per year for the Spiceworks MyWay program.

You should know, I have no affiliation with Spiceworks in any way.  I am merely trying to share a tool that has been very helpful to me and my environment.


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  1. Nice write up :-)

    Spiceworks rocks :-)

    Hope to see you around the community?


  2. I am already a part of the community. Bad_Andy is my name. =)

  3. Added you as an IT pro :-)

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